All Facilities

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Medical Facility

1. Dr. Anurag Chandra Agrawal available in the campus.

2. We have to Tie up with Yamuna Seva Sadan Hospital. Ambulance Facility are also available.

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Shuttle Facility

The Transport facility is available on demand.

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1. Security supervisor hot line: (available 24x7).

2. Security: Task Security

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Reading Room Facility

A reading room is a quiet room in a library where Student's can read and study.

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Hostel Facility

1. Rooms: College Hostel has 58 rooms on twin-sharing basis, 1 single room, 3 rooms with triple-sharing, 3 rooms with four-sharing. The latter two are with attached washrooms. All have ergonomically designed furniture that includes Single Bed with storage box and drawer and fitted mattress, Bedside Table, Dresser, Cupboard, Study Desk, Overhang Book Case and Chair for each student. Furnishing and linen are provided to each student.

2. Toilet Blocks (17): Hygienic facilities, Geysers, Solar Heaters for hot water. 3.Industrial RO water supply for drinking and cooking purposes. 4.Hostel Office, Warden Residence, Counselor Room, Medical Unit with Doctor's Room and Sick Room.

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Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

1.Our college has installed sanitary napkin vending machine, which has been installed in the washroom.

2.2.College provide sanitary pad vending machines for availability of Sanitary Napkins at the right time - at right place. Our range of coin operated vending machines offers washroom users an extensive range of small pack convenience products suitable for female washrooms.

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Museum Facility
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Free Wi-Fi Campus
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Botanical Garden
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Sanitary Napkin Incinerator
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Mess Facility

Meal Monday To Sunday
Breakfast 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM
Lunch 12.15 PM to 2.15 PM
Snacks 4.30 PM to 6.00 PM
Dinner 7.30 PM to 9.30 PM

Rain water Harvesting

  • Easy to Maintain: Utilizing the rainwater harvesting system provides certain advantages to the community. First of all, harvesting rainwater allows us to better utilize an energy resource. It is important to do so since drinking water is not easily renewable and it helps in reducing wastage. Systems for the collection of rainwater are based on simple technology.

  • Rain water harvesting structures are implemented in both campus locatons which covers the area of institution. The institution has received technology and financial support from gorund water concervation department of Uttar Pradesh government.Rain water harvested More or less 60% of the entire water requirement of the institution is met by rain water harvested by mainly roof top rain water harvesting with piezometer more than 80% roof top is coverted for rain water harvesting structures.

Watse Management

  • Segregation of waste is compulsory (both for residents and visitors).

  • Green is Organic wet waste.

~Output: Electricity and Manure

- Goes directly to the biogas plant and hence must be well-segregated .

- No paper, plastic, wrappers, disposable cups, etc. please.

  • Blue is Dry paper, plastic, bottles, cans

~Output: Recycled products

- Goes to recycling center. .

- No wet or contaminated paper or plastic that has food or oil, or wet liquid, etc.

  • Red is Everything else

~Output: Pollution

- Goes to a landfill and is obviously not good for the environment.

- Anything that you are not sure about, it is best to put in this category.

  • Black is Biowaste (Diapers, sanitary waste, medicines etc.)

- Goes to incinerator.

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Cafeteria Facility

  • The Cafeteria has been aesthetically renovated and is furnished with custom-designed furniture. It includes a well-ventilated open kitchen for preparation of certain food items, with chimney hoods above burner stoves. Utmost hygiene is maintained at the food counters.

  • The college is committed to providing sufficient and uninterrupted water of good quality to the entire college. An Industrial Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Plant has been installed in the main college block to provide water to all water coolers and drinking water outlets.