Name                              Designation
Prof. Mithilesh SinghPrincipal ( M.A. , M.Ed , NET, Ph.D. )
  • Sociology Department
Prof. Abha Saxena(HOD) Professor(M.A, Ph.D)Sociology
Prof. Rama Pandey Professor(M.A, Ph.D)Sociology
Prof. Kumud SinghProfessor(M.A. ,NET, Ph.D.)Sociology
Shobha PrajapatiAssistant professor(MA,NET)Sociology
Dr. Sunita SinghAssistant professor(M.A. B.Ed , Ph.D.)Sociology
Dr. Shrinkhala DeviAssistant Professor(M.A ,NET ,Ph.D.)Sociology
Dr.Bandani kumariAssistant professor(M.A, Ph.D.)Sociology
Dr. Sadhna yadavAssistant professor(M.A ,NET ,Ph.D.)Sociology
Dr. Durga GautamAssistant professor(M.Phil )Sociology
Dr. Shweta singhAssistant professor(M.A ,NET ,Ph.D.)Sociology
Dr. Vinta pandeyAssistant professor(M.A.,Ph.D)Sociology
Dr. Brijesh PandeyAssistant professor(M.A,NET,Ph. D)Sociology
Dr. Meena Agrawal
Assistant professor(M.A, Ph. D)
Dr. Usha Chaudhary
Assistant professor(M.A, Ph. D)
  • Psychology Department
Prof. Mithilesh Singh(Lien)Professor( M.A. , M.Ed , NET, Ph.D.)Psychology
Prof.Abha Saxena(In-charge,HOD)Professor( M.A., Ph.D.)Sociology
Prof. Sandhya OjhaProfessor(M.A. Ph.D, CIG)Psychology
Dr. Shashi BalaAssistant professor(M.A., M.Ed , Ph.D)Psychology
Dr. Aradhana SrivastavaAssistant professor(M.A., Ph.D)Psychology
Dr. Ekta RanjanAssistant professor(M.A., Ph.D)Psychology
Dr. Manjari SrivastavaAssistant Professor(M.A., Ph.D , CIG ,PGDYE)Psychology
  • Ancient History Department
NameDesigntaion/Qualification                           Department
Prof. Dushyant Singh(HOD)Professor(M.A ,NET, Ph.D)Ancient Indian History, Archaeology & Culture     
Dr.Sarala SinghAssistant professor( M.A.,JRF, Ph.D)Ancient Indian History, Archaeology & Culture
Dr.Nandini PatelAssistant professor( M.A.,NET,JRF, Ph.D)Ancient Indian History, Archaeology & Culture
Dr. Anjana SinghAssistant professor( M.A., Ph.D)Ancient Indian History, Archaeology & Culture
Dr.Manisha SinhaAssistant professor( M.A. NET, Ph.D)Ancient Indian History, Archaeology & Culture
Dr.Kanchan Mala YadavAssistant professor( M.A., Ph.D)Ancient Indian History, Archaeology & Culture
  • Hindi Department
NameDesigntaion/Qualification                             Department
Prof. Archana Singh(HOD)Professor (M.A., Ph.D)Hindi
Dr. Arti SinghAssociate Professor(M.A.,MPhil., Ph.D)Hindi
Dr. Sudha YadavAssistant Professor (M.A.,B.Ed,JRF, Ph.D)Hindi
Dr. Suman SinghAssistant Professor ( M.A.,B.Ed, Ph.D)Hindi
Menaka SinghAssistant professor(M.A.,M.ED, NET)Hindi
Dr. Priya BhartiyaAssistant Professor ( M.A.,B.Ed,JRF, Ph.D)Hindi
Dr. PratibhaAssistant Professor ( M.A.,B.Ed,Ph.D)Hindi
Dr. Rajkumari RaniAssistant Professor ( M.A.,Ph.D)Hindi
Dr. Poonam SrivastavaAssistant professor( M.A.,NET,JRF,Ph.D)Hindi

Education Department

Name                                                     Designtaion/Qualification                   Department
Prof. Anita Singh(HOD)(In-Charge) Professor ( M.A. Ph.D)     Home Science
Dr.Chanda Rani                Assistant Professor(M.A., M.Ed, Ph.D )Education
Tamanna ParveenGuest Faculty (M.A.,NET)Education
Ms. PriyankaGuest Faculty (M.A.,M.Ed,Ph.D)Education

Home Science Department

Prof. Suman Mishra(Dean)Professor ( M.A. , Ph.D. )Home Science
Prof. Anita SinghProfessor ( M.A. Ph.D)Home Science
Dr. Akriti MishraAssociate professor( M.A. Ph.D)Home science
Ms.Divya PalAssistant professor(M.Sc,B.Ed,JRF)Home science
Dr. Anjali TyagiAssistant Professor(M.A.,B.Ed,JRF,Ph.D)Home science
Dr. Archana SrivastavaAssistant Professor( M.A. P.hD)Home Science
Dr. Seema AsthanaAssistant professor(M.A.,NET , Ph.D)Home science
Dr. Anu SrivastavaAssistant professor (M.A.,NET ,Ph.D)Home Science ( Human development)
Dr. Neelu GargAssistant professor( M.A. Ph.D)Home science
Dr.Ruchi TripathiAssistant professor( M.A. Ph.D)Home science
Dr. Vibha SinghAssistant professor(M.A.,NET, Ph.D)Home science
Dr. Bhawana SharmaAssistant professor( M.A. Ph.D)Home Science
Dr. Divya RaiAssistant professor (M.A.,NET, Ph.D.)Home Science (Food and Nutrition)
Dr.Usha Bal ChandaniAssistant professor ( M.A. Ph.D)Home Science(Clothing and Textile)
Dr. Suman TiwariAssistant professor (M.A, Ph.D)Home Science(Clothing and Textile)
Dr. Shalini SrivastavaAssistant professor( M.A.,NET, Ph.D)Home science
Dr. Nimisha PandeyAssistant professor (Ph.D ,B.Ed.)Home Science ( Human development)
Dr.Archana SinghAssistant professor ( M.A. Ph.D)Home Science ( Human development)

Music Department

Name                            Designtaion/Qualification                               Department
Dr. Aparna ShuklaAssistant Professor(M.A.,JRF,Ph.D.)Music vocal
Dr. Neeta DisawalAssistant Professor(M.mus , NET,D.mus)Instrumental Music Sitar
Dr.Shivani ShuklaAssistant Professor(M.mus.,NET, Ph.D.)Music vocal
Dr.Shubhra VermaAssistant Professor(M.mus., Ph.D.)Music vocal
Smt Chetna GujratiAssistant Professor(M.mus.,Peaveen.)Music vocal
Dr Venu VanitaAssistant Professor(M.A,NET,Ph.D.)Music Tabla

Political Science Department

 Name                                                                   Designtaion/Qualification                                                                                                                        Department   
Prof. Archana Singh(HOD)                          Assistant professor(Ph.D)Political Science
Prof. AkashAssistant professor(Ph.D)Political Science
Dr Poonam RaiAssistant professor(M.A Ph.D)Political Science
DR. SONAM CHAUDHARIAssistant professor(M.A.Politics specialization in International Relations.,JRF,M.Phil,Ph.D)Political Science
Smt. Minakshi MadhurAssistant professor(Post Graduate, NET, JRF)Political Science
Dr. Dhananjai sahaiAssistant professor(M.A., M.J. , Ph.D)Political Science
Dr Pratima TripathiAssistant professor(Ph.D)Political Science

Physical Education Department

NameDesigntaion/Qualification                         Department
Dr.Mridula VyasAssociate Professor(M.P.Ed,NET, Ph. D)Physical Education

English Department

Name                                   Designtaion/Qualification                                                     Department
Dr. Priyanka SrivastavaAssistant Professor (Ph.D,B.Ed)English
Dr. Sushama PandeyAssistant Professor (Ph. D. in English Literature, B.Ed.)English

Economic Department

Name                                         Designtaion/Qualification                Department
Dr.Prabha shankar PandeyAssitant professor(M.A.,Ph.D)Economics
Dr Kavita SinghAssistant professor(M.A.,Ph.D)Economics
Dr Suman                                 Assistant professor(M Phil,Ph.D)     Economics

Botany Department

Name                                      Designtaion/Qualification                Department
Dr. Abha SrivastavaAssistant Professor(M.Sc., Ph.D)Botany
Dr. Badri Vishal PandeyAssistant Professor(M.Sc., Ph.D)Botany
Dr Sanjay Kumar SinghAssistant Professor(M.Sc., Ph.D)Botany
Dr. Manisha SrivastavaAssistant Professor(M.Sc., Ph.D)Botany
Dr. Vandana Pandey          Assistant Professor(M.Sc., Ph.D)      Botany          

Zoology Department

Name                                     Designtaion/Qualification                       Department
Dr.Sangeeta SrivastavaAssistant Professor(M.Sc.,Ph.D)Zoology
Dr. Rashmi Singh                       Assistant Professor(M.Sc.,Ph.D)Zoology
Dr. Vinod Kumar Upadhyay    Assistant Professor(M.Sc.,Ph.D)              Zoology        
Dr. Shivani Singh                       Assistant Professor(M.Sc.,Ph.D)              Zoology
Dr. Pinky TripathiAssistant Professor(M.Sc.,Ph.D)             


Chemistry Department

Paritosh Prasad BhattacharyaAssistant professor and head(M.Sc. Ph.D.)Chemistry
Dr. Ambareesh SinghAssistant Professor(Ph.D)Chemistry
Anju SrivastavAsss. Professor (M.Sc. )Chemistry
Dr. Meera SinghAssistant professor(Ph.D)Chemistry

Physics Department

Name                           Designtaion/Qualification             Department
Dr. Shubha SaxenaAssistant Professor(M.Sc. Ph.d.)Physics

Mathematics Department

Name                                  Designtaion/Qualification    Department
Dr. Anju Rani AgrawalAssistant Professor(Ph.D)Mathematics

Statistics Department

Name                                     Designtaion/Qualification            Department
Dr. Daya Shanker PathakAssistant Professor(Ph.D)Statistics
Dr. Anil KumarAssistant Professor(M.Sc,Ph.D)Statistics

Biotechnology Department

Name                        Designtaion/Qualification      Department
Dr Vibha AgrawalAssistant Professor(Ph.D)Biotechnology

Commerce Department

Dr. Vandana UpadhyayAssistant Professor(Ph.D, M.Ed, M.Com )COMMERCE
Dr.Kanchan SinghAssistant Professor(Ph.D)COMMERCE
Dr. Asim vermaAssistant Professor(Ph.D)COMMERCE
Rajesh Kumar SinghLecturer(M.Com.)COMMERCE

Computer Center

Mrs Nidhi BajpayeeAssistant Professor(M.Sc.IT, M.C.A., B.Ed.)Computer
Archana sharmaAssistant Professor(M.Sc IT , M.C.A.)Computer